Aligned Beings
Aligned Beings

Welcome to Aligned Beings

Embrace growth, liberation, learning, and unlearning, creating a loving and empowered world together

Why Aligned Beings?

Alignment is a daily practice, especially considering the environment in which we live. The systems of oppression that most of us were raised on, and the confined structural ways societies have have maintained for centuries, underscore this necessity.

Embodying being an ALIGNED BEING is our ultimate commitment. Sorrows and challenges create space for joy and pleasure, just as joy and pleasure open space for sorrows and challenges. This interplay defines our humanity, requiring us to embrace all our parts as a whole.

Because we believe a more beautiful world is possible. Bringing together creative beings committed to growth and liberation, learning and unlearning to create it. We are here to participate in Deschooling/Unlearning Dialogues, where we mourn our losses, deepen our understanding, heal our wounds, envision collectively, embrace new possibilities, and celebrate the beauty of being human while breaking old patterns and creating new thriving ways for us and the generations to come. Embrace YOU, your whole being and your magical dust, spreading it all over your day to day!

The Results You'll Get

Our community, courses, and membership are truly special. We are focused on the profound impact they can have on your life. In the current landscape of living, many of us feel isolated when embarking on new endeavors, lacking the support and understanding necessary, and feeling adrift in old ways and repetitive patterns that no longer serve us. We require a nurturing environment that provides support, a space where we can explore our rawness.

Here are a few of the benefits you'll experience as a member of Aligned Beings:

  • Deepen your understanding of growth, liberation, and the healing process through Deschooling/Unlearning Dialogues.

  • Collaboratively create new, thriving approaches to life, celebrating the beauty of humanity.

  • Serve as an agent of change, a transformative force, spreading love and awareness within yourself, your personal life, and beyond.

  • Sit with your emotions, allowing yourself to navigate through them and witness their passing within a supportive container meant to uphold you.

When You Join Today

When you join Aligned Beings today, you’ll get access to:

  • Participation in Deschooling/Unlearning Dialogues: As a member, you can take part in the Deschooling/Unlearning Dialogues. These are discussions that aim to deconstruct narratives and assumptions that no longer serve us and build a new understanding of a more liberated and loving world. These gatherings will deepen your understanding of Self, help in healing your wounds, and open doors for new possibilities.

  • Online Courses: Enhance your knowledge by enrolling in our online courses. These courses cover a range of subjects from self-care practices to Creativity. Not only do these courses provide learning opportunities, but they also serve as a platform for interacting with other like-minded individuals and learning from each other.

  • Community Healing Events: Attend community healing events designed to help you deal with everyday stress and reactivity. These events provide a safe space to share experiences, learn coping strategies, and celebrate the human spirit. Taking part in these events can result in personal breakthroughs and increased overall wellbeing.


This is an experiential space and not a therapy. These are spaces that require you to be able to move around independently and maintain your presence. 

This is a collective space of co-creation and awareness practice.